Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PS4 Review

Halfhearted Gamer plays Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Halfhearted Gamer plays Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

We are a month on from the release of Konami’s annual iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer, the least successful of the two “big” football releases of the year, but this year seemingly the stronger performing title. The ‘other’ title I refer to in this instance is FIFA, in case you didn’t know. By stating ‘least’, doesn’t mean Pro Evo 2016 is a ‘lesser’ game in anyway… certainly not in a gameplay capacity, the gameplay is an area PES 2016 seems to have almost perfectly nailed down in the latest annual release. But more on the gameplay later.


First things first, how does it look? From an initial standpoint, things have taken a step up with the initial menu screen looking similar to the tile interface of the Xbox One Dashboard, with a slow motion player (from your chosen team) going through motions in the background. It’s all quadrilaterals and fireworks, cheesy, effective and to be honest. I like it… even if it is a bit busy.


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