No Man’s Sky – Your Universe Awaits – A Note from Sean

I was perusing the internet today, in-between searching for bouts of employment (that in most cases won’t satisfy my creative desires in any way whatsoever), I came across this from the media kit. A lovely note from Sean Murray of Hello Games.

Media kit note

Sean’s note to you… the player.

Credit to: More_Badass from NeoGaf for the image


Such an apt summarisation of what he and the rest of Hello Games have been trying to accomplish these past few years. If I didn’t love the team before for their Joe Danger games, I have nothing but love for them now.

For giving me the opportunity to escape from the pain, the suffering, the monotony of my existence… heck even the good days as well, allowing me to forge new adventures and explore at my own place in blissful isolation… thank you!

I have no idea what to expect, but the expectation is steadily increasing as the timer ticks down.


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